August 23, 2011

What not to wear.

Welp, summer is officially over (even though the sun says "yes", school says "no").
AND with summer being officially over, I've now completed 2 full days of school.
I have to purchase 4 books (so far... I still have 2 new classes to attend this week).
PLUS a new wardrobe.
Or at least part of a new wardrobe.
You see, being in the elementary/special education program and being in the schools requires different clothing styles than your regular old jeans and a t-shirt.

Today we got handed the Staff Conduct/Dress Code for Iron County School District.
I expected the no jeans except on certain days thing.
I expected the no flip-flops thing.
I expected the no tank tops thing.
I expected the no exposed tattoos thing.

What I didn't expect was that you can wear skirts that are no more than 4 inches above the knee.

4 inches is creeping up the thigh a little high for teachers (if I do say so myself)...

Contrary to what others might think, children don't want to see their teacher's underwear.

Oh! Speaking of wardrobe choices...
I saw a BOY on campus today wearing butt-shorts and high-heeled booties.
Yes, I said BOY.
It was disturbing.
I don't care that you're gay.

I do care that you try to dress like a skanky girl.


Nathan and Kristen said...

Bahahaha. This post just made me laugh! 4 inches is def creeping a little too high. p.s. to answer your Q I went shopping at maurices and Down east. the usual places in Cedar :) Hope school goes well for you this semester!

Kelcie said...

I agree on the skirt! Do you have to wear that to your classes or just when you're doing your field experience? I'm praying it's just during field experience for UVU...
And if you want to see guys dressed "awesome" then come to UVU... yuck.