August 15, 2011

one week.

Ok, let's just start with an apology for the fact that I haven't blogged for a week.
An entire week.
Yeah, pretty much eternity in the blog-o-sphere.
Lucky for you (or not so lucky), this post will be a long one.
Packed with photos and goodness.

Quick recap:

Wednesday, the Henrie's and my Grandma Barclay came down for the funeral on Thursday.
We practiced our song, had a huge family dinner at Grandpa's, and messed around with the camera (due to the fact that I must get in some practice with the camera for tomorrow's engagement session and Saturday's wedding session).
It was fun.
AND Erin and Becca crack me up.
Thursday, was my Grandma's funeral.
9am-1045am was the viewing.
The line was around the building and out the door (pretty much).
It was awesome to see how loved my grandma was.
At the end of the viewing I got the opportunity to say the family prayer.
I was very full of emotion and filled with love for and memories of my grandma.
11am was the funeral.
Mom and her 2 sisters started out the program with a wonderful combined talk with reflections of my grandma and her life.
Then my sisters and I sang a song while Melissa played the piano.
My grandpa spoke next and he did such an amazing job.
After grandpa, Melissa played a song on the piano that she wrote for my grandma.
The whole service was beautiful!
Just what my grandma would've wanted.
At noon we headed over to the cemetery, where my cousins and Dan carried the casket and my Dad played the bagpipes.
The casket was beautiful and the grave was covered in flowers.After the service we had a small luncheon with yummy lasagna and salads prepared by ward members.
The whole day was wonderful.
After all was said and done, we spent lots of time at Grandpa's and with lots of family and had a bit of fun laughing and playing with fake mustaches and my dad's camera.The day ended with a 730pm bedtime (we were all THAT tired).

Friday, I went over to breakfast at my family's house where the Henrie's were staying and we spent most of the day laughing, relaxing, and over at Grandpa's.
That night Dan and I took Melissa to play Frisbee Golf with Brandon and Krystel.
Then we said our goodbyes and Dan and I spent the rest of the evening watching The Adjustment Bureau and then Dan listening to me cry (He's been doing that a lot lately, he's the best).

Saturday, we slept in (oh yeah) and then headed to St. George to spend the day with Dan's grandma.
We went to the Washington County Fair and met up with his cousin, Alyssa, and her boyfriend, Richard, and we had a blast!
Dan bought himself a Ripstick. It's really cool and he's really good at riding it.
Grandma bought her and I some salsa (yum!) and a Scentsy.
Such a fun day.
Sunday, I got a new calling.
Assistant in the nursery.
The kids are cute but things were a little chaotic.
Hopefully next week is better... haha
After church we went to family dinner at my parents' house.
We had burgers and salads and then played a few rounds of Nerts.I love spending time with my family.

Despite everything, this week has been wonderful.

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Kelcie said...

I'm glad you could laugh and enjoy your family through this rough week!