July 8, 2011

Windin' Canyon Roads

Last night Dan and I took a little trip-skey through winding canyons and a few national parks to the VERY small town of Escalante.
Dan is a courier and, for those of you who aren't sure what that is, simply put, they deliver and pick up things (Staples products, pharmaceuticals, blood, ...the works).
So last night, we had to pick up 4 boxes of blood from the Red Cross blood drive going on at the ONLY church building there.
We got there a little early so we had a picnic on the lawn of the church building with the food I brought from home in our borrowed cooler while we played with the doggies.
THEN we had time to kill so we drove all around the town to see "the sights".
It's kind of a cute little place.
BUT they got Frownie points (the opposite of brownie points) when they didn't even have an ice cream place.
We settled for F'real shakes from the gas station (which were good too).
It was fun being with Dan AND if you've never been to the Bryce Canyon area, you should, cause the scenery is bombin'.

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