July 12, 2011

The Weekenders.

Dear fellow bloggers,
No, I did NOT die.
I got busy (I know, excuses excuses).
Actually, it's been kind of crazy at our house as of late.
Dan was sick all weekend.
We had the dogs at our house all weekend.
Yadda yadda yadda...

here's the QUICK-er run down of happenings (in photos):

The beautiful sunset I saw while taking the dogs for a walk in our neighborhood
It was going to rain and the mixture of dark clouds and sun is the perfect mix
The weather was PERFECT
and the dogs are so fun to walk now.
I took them on a walk to Cedar High and, also, to SUU and back a few times
Sunday, we found out that Roxy LOVES to run in the ditch.
Hughes, doesn't so much...
The July Jamboree
Dan and I got to feel so popular!
EVERYONE wanted to pet our cute puppies.
And Dan told me I wasn't aloud to refer to classic/muscle cars as "cute" (well, too freakin' bad, Dan!)
We saw TONS of cute cars
and I even saw those crazy triplet girls I played with at Summer Games swimming.
They are cute but beware they'll never let you go...
they tried to take up permanent residency on my legs haha
Krave after the Jamboree with the fam + Collette's friend, Libby, + Grandma & her friend, Angie, + Tracy & Merrill
I am in love with cheesecake bites
AND the mint fro-yo
AND I have an awesome family


Melissa said...

ok that sunset rain pic - beautiful! and that pic of the triplets at your legs - epic and so stinkin cute!

The Jackson's said...

I LOVE the sunset. I LOVE the pics of the fam. Krave is like Orange Leaf in Bountiful. Check it out next time you go up there. Just a little trivia... Merrill, as in RUST?? I know him. He is from Orderville (near Glendale where I am from) How the heck do you know him?? Anyway, Good post!!!