July 7, 2011

Puppy Momma.

[Hughes and Roxy]

Last night our bathroom was turned into a puppy bedroom.
That's right, our pups stayed in the bathroom.
We're technically not supposed to have the dogs in our house but when an emergency arises, it's gotta be done.
Just don't tell our landlord... Shhhhhh!!

Having pups in your bathroom, in a kennel, when you are trying to get ready for work is what I imagine it would be like to have your baby crying for you in the next room.
You have .5 seconds to do your hair and makeup AND put on clothes before you've got to take care of your baby (or in my case, 2 whiney Boxers).
Then once you've taken care of them and gotten them ready, you have exactly 20 minutes to load them (and all their gear) into the car to take to your sisters' to be baby-sat (aka dog-sat) AND make it to work on time.

Let me just say, it's work. LOVE the cute little buggers but it's work.

So to all you actual moms out there, you rock!

I gotta get up earlier...

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Nathan and Kristen said...

Haha enjoy all the sleep you can now!!! Hours and hours of sleeping in :) You will be glad you did. Your pups are So cute!