July 6, 2011

Beach Bums

Yesterday was perfect.
Dan was off WAY early AND there was ZERO wind in Cedar!
Win! Win!
So what'd we do?
Well, I made a peach pie. Then we ate it.
THEN we headed up to the lake on the hill for a little swimming and beachy laying.Then we got Krave ♥
Also, Dan's brothers were in town helping Jeremy and Kaela with their house (Yay! It's looking great) so we visited all those peeps for awhile before heading to my aunt, Lori's house with our trailer.
And before it started raining, Walker and I took one load up to her new house while Dan and Shaun helped load the trailer with boxes.
When we got home, we had Hawaiian Haystacks for dinner (yum!) and watched part of Two Weeks Notice.
And Shaun stayed over.
It was a happy day.

Hopefully today is EVEN better.
Happy Hump Day!

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