July 5, 2011

This has gotta be the good life

Can I just tell you how awesome my weekend was?

I LOVE LONG WEEKENDS WITH DAN. Pretty much that sums it up.

-We spent Friday, Saturday, and Sunday in Payson with Dan's family-We played more Guitar Hero than anyone ever before in a span of 3 days-We had steaks for dinner... mmm!-We relaxed
-We saw Super 8 (SO GOOD!) and laughed our heads off... and screamed a little-We got cupcakes from The Sweet Tooth Fairy in Provo and let me tell you, they were heaven. in. my. mouth. Honestly.-We had a giganto pillow fight and laugh fest in the family room until 2am with Dan's little bros
-We watched Cody be amazing at the skate park on his bike and Dan pretend to ride a bike and even though I fell on my booty getting down into the large bowls, it was worth it for the photos we got-We visited my cousins in Spanish Fork and talked/laughed for over 3 hours
-I had the best drive home with Dan talking forever and laughing together (Love him so much)
-We went to the parade in Cedar on the 4th with some of Dan's family-We spent all day at the cabin by Navajo Lake with my family-We rode 4 wheelers and got charged at by demon cows-We swam in the lake-We played games
-We roasted marshmallows-We had awesome food
-We enjoyed breath-taking scenery and beautiful sunsets-We laughed spotting all the deer in the road on the ride home that night (I may have been more panicked than needed...haha)
And best of all, we had 3 whole days of NO WORK. SO needed.

What a good weekend!

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