June 10, 2011

Yesterday night.

We spent some time at the baseball fields.
Dan's cousin, Stockton, was playing and so was my cousin, Walker.
But not against each other.
We headed straight over to the ball fields after getting home from St. George (helping the grandparents/Shaun with some stuff + In-N-Out for dinner) and making a superfast run over to the fam's house to fix the leaking sprinkler.
It was fun to see the baseball games.
Little kids are so cute and seeing all the fam (Dan's and Mine) was awesome!
When we got home, Dan was on Facebook and we had a conversation like this:
Dan: (While looking at his profile) Hey, this says I'm married to you.
Me: Yup, that means you're stuck with me.
Dan: I'm not stuck with you!
Me: Oh, yes you are.
Dan: No. I'm lucky to be with you.

He's the greatest ♥

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