June 9, 2011

Why don't you go jump in a lake??

Well, we did.
And it was grand!
Windy, but grand.
Cold-ish, but grand.
I love spending time with my sisters!We got Krave.
We laughed.
We acted like COMPLETE idiots.
We hugged.
We took silly pictures.
We acted like models.
We dared each other to go under the water.
We made fun of each other...and other people on the beach.
We had a fight about who was the fattest out of us (haha).
We sang at the top of our lungs to songs on our celly phones.
We tried to tan our bellies. (Bec and Steph were more successful than I).
We built sandcastles.
We got sunburned.
What a great day!

To end the night?
took me to Panda for dinner (I'd been wanting to go there).
watched a zombie movie with me (even though he's already seen it).
fell asleep holding me in his arms :)
woke up to put aloe on my back. and legs. and arms. and neck. (even though he hates how it feels on his hands)
got me a drink of water. and Tylenol (for the sunburn).
told me he loved me more than anything.

I love him ♥

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Nathan and Kristen said...

So cute!!! Looks like you had fun too!