June 13, 2011


Cedar has this great deal going on.
Dinner and 2 movie tickets for $25.
At MULTIPLE and GREAT locations.
It's fabulous!
So, Friday, we took advantage of that by hitting up the Pizza Factory with Jeremy, Kaela, and Jack.
Breadsticks + salad bar + small pineapple and ham pizza = Perfection.After dinner, we headed back to our house and met up with Bec so she could babysit Jack while we went to X-Men: First Class (which was pretty dang good).
Before the movie we made Kaela show us her stitches from cutting her thumb open on a can while babysitting.
Epic, right?
After the movie consisted of picking up Jack and watching a few "choice" youtube vids picked by Jeremy... When I say "choice", I really mean horrible-get-the-dumb-song-stuck-in-your-head-forever vids.

Saturday, we spent most of the morning laying in bed watching Psych while eating a combo meal of potstickers, quasadillas, and ice cream from the carton.
Midway through our unofficial Netflix marathon, I fell asleep and Dan invited Bec over.
We continued to watch Psych while Bec ate Panda Express and we ate more ice cream.
Finally, we got off our lazy bums, got dressed, and headed to the Pow Wow.
The Pow Wow was grand!
LOTS of cool stuff and traditional dancing.The bead work amazed me!And I couldn't get enough of the turquoise.
Oh, culture, I love you.

The rest of our weekend consisted of:
♥ playing with the pups at Bryan's while eating pancakes for dinner and watching Criss Angel Mind Freak. (that guy is like the devil of magic. freak. for reals.)
♥ playing Zumba Party on the Wii. (Dan enjoyed my hip shaking skills...)
♥ teaching primary class on Sunday. (found out my girls are thankful for cute boys but not for cheese)
♥ pork chops for family dinner on Sunday. Yum!
♥ Dan taking a 3 hour nap at my parents' house after dinner.
♥ eating brownies at Jeremy and Kaela's on Sunday night. (Yum!)

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Kaela said...

I was there for about 2/3 of that! Ok...I guess I wasn't there with the puppies or Psyche but one of the puppies is mine so it still counts. I look totally depressed in that picture from our fabulous double date night but then I remembered that I was concentrating on eating with a gimp finger.