June 24, 2011

Lucky I'm...

in love with my best friend ♥

This is an older picture (one I know you've already seen) but it's one of my favorites and exactly how I feel right now.

Last night, I had one of the most amazing birthdays!
(I wish I had pictures!)

That walk Dan told me we were going on? Yeah, we didn't go on it...
INSTEAD, he picked me up from work (late because he said he had just gotten back from his landscaping job) and we ran by the house so he could get change for snowcones.
When he got back in the car, he said, "Do you want to go get snowcones and go on our walk first or go visit your family first?"
I said, "Well, let's go visit my family first and that way it won't be as hot when we go on our walk."
He said ok and we headed over to the Tiki Shack then out to my parents'.

On the way there he was asking me how to use our rice cooker cause he said he was going to make me dinner (I was excited for this) and then we would watch a movie when we got home.
So after visiting with my parents and Steph for awhile (Collette was at my grandma's house and Erin and Becca were supposedly "at the lake"), Dan said, "Ok well say goodbye now cause we've got to leave. We're 2 minutes late."
I said, "For what?" and gave him one of my best what-are-you-up-to faces.
He just told me we were late for our walk and we still had to go home to put on tennis shoes.

As we pull in our driveway, I almost miss seeing Shaun and Becca's cars parked on the side of the house, but don't, and I say, "What are my sisters doing here?! You tricked me! They aren't at the lake!" haha
He laughs and we walk in the house.

As I walk in, I see that the house has been cleaned (all the laundry is folded and the dishes are done) and dinner is ready for us to eat at a make-shift table (our end table) with the works (candles and place-mat).
Becca and Erin had helped Dan with dinner and folding the laundry and Shaun was there to be our server (dressed in a suit and tie).
Dan really hadn't gotten back from landscaping right before picking me up from work, he'd been home cleaning our house, calling my sisters and Shaun, and making dinner so he could surprise me.
I was so happy. I couldn't believe he'd planned all that out!
Dinner was really yummy (rice with green bean, onion, and mushroom sauce and chicken) and then we had cake and ice cream.
After dinner, my sisters and Shaun left and I proceeded to give Dan the biggest kiss.
I couldn't stop hugging him!

How amazingly sweet and thoughtful my husband is!

Everyday he makes me love him more ♥ He really is my best friend


Melissa said...

i knew he was going to be up to something when i talked to you earlier that day. he just had to! :)

Nathan and Kristen said...

Oh my gosh! That is the cutest thing ever!! Glad your birthday was good!!!

The Jackson's said...

What a sweet man!! I didn't think he would let your birthday go by without doing something sweet! LOVE IT!