June 23, 2011


Stumbleupon.com pretty much makes my life.
Especially when I find a sound matrix. <--- For reals. Try it. You'll be hooked for hours. Just click the squares and make your own song!
And when I find funny videos and song mixes labeled "Songs to lie on your bed and stare at the ceiling to".
I'm pretty much wasting away my existence on this website, but it entertains me.

Only 2o more minutes until Dan gets here to save me from mindless internet surfing (aka pick me up from work).
He's taking me on a walk up the canyon trail ♥
I love going on walks with Dan! (Especially when he suggests them)

In other news, I'm 22 today, peeps!

To celebrate so far I've...
-eaten a banana Creamie for breakfast (yum!)
-done some laundry
-gotten free pizza from my bro-in-law for lunch (thanks, Jeremy!)
-ate another Creamie for lunchdessert
-made out with my hubby in the parking lot in front of my office when he dropped me off after lunch... haha mmm!
-and worked some more

You know you're an "official" adult when you spend your birthday working. haha

Really, I think I'll have plans with Dan for tonight after our walk. We'll see!
Tomorrow I'll have to give an update on that.
Prepare yourselves!

And thanks to everyone who has called (and sang to me) and text and face-messaged me and sent me cards and told me in person Happy Birthday!
You guys are the bomb! ♥ Love you all!


Kaela said...

I hope your walk with Dan goes ok. Wasn't it this time last year that he broke his leg into a million little pieces? And wasn't it also on a walk? This seems to be a bad omen. I hope he doesn't make broken bones into a birthday tradition for you.

And also, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I wish birthdays were more fun now that you're old enough to remember them. When I turned 22 (you know, clear back in 2009) it was really depressing. I had just gotten married, (actually it had been 5 months, just like you! That means we were exactly the same age when we married Johnson boys! We're twinners!) and my birthday had to mostly go unacknowledged, but then I got a free video from Hollywood video and that made my day. So I hope you get something free or awesome to help you feel special on your birthday.

Kelcie said...

Haaappy Birthday! (whenever I say/type that I always hear Frosty the Snowman's voice in my head)