June 27, 2011


Friday we spent some time with the family at the park for The Groovefest.
One thing I love about Cedar has to be all the main street park festivities they have during the summer.
It for sure wouldn't be summer without them.
For you bloggers who aren't familiar with Groovefest, it's basically a thing at the park with a bunch of vendors and lots of music.
I, seriously, could just sit there for hours in that park.
I love the atmosphere (yes, even with all the weirdies. Cedar has LOTS of weirdies.) and I love the warm weather of summer at night.The only thing I didn't love was that we took our dogs and they were NOT cooperating with leashes and park rules about dogs on leashes. (We had to carry them)

Any tips on how to get dogs to LOVE leashes and walking??

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