May 23, 2011

blips from my weekend

♥ Patrick is leaving with the National Guard tomorrow so his lovely wife, Taniah, had everyone come to a family BBQ for him to say goodbye.
Good luck, Pat!
♥ Taniah's sister, Tiarrah, made the BEST cupcakes for the BBQ
♥ Yes, my cousins and my sisters have plastic knife battles. We like to play it safe in our family...
♥ Melissa and I saw the children riding around in this pink Barbie jeep thought to ourselves, "Hey! We can do that too!"
♥ Remember those Spring pictures we all had to take for elementary school where we all complained of looking like tree-huggers?
♥ Dan and I posed for a picture...annnnnnnddd Melissa's a creeper. That's all.
♥ Becca graduated from seminary on Sunday! Isn't she the cutest?

In other important news,
Dan and I spoke in church on Sunday in our ward.
I loved hearing Dan speak and give his testimony.
Wow! I definitely have a spiritually sexy hubby!
I am pretty sure I fell even more in love with him that day.

Also, Dan has a new ward calling...
Say hello to the newest Young Men's President of the 2nd ward!
He'll do a great job :)

Oh, and for those of you wondering...
Pirate's #4 was WAYYY better than #3.

The end.

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The Jackson's said...

I LOVED seeing your family!! Too bad I didn't see you. Oh well. Looks like you had a fun weekend!