May 6, 2011

The time I posted a wordy nonsense post with no pictures...

Right now I pretty much feel like the Centrum is being OVER-cleaned.
Yes, I feel that there can be such a thing as TOO much cleaning.
So far (and note I've only been here at work for an hour) I've seen 6 people cleaning the same area IN the Centrum one after the other. Meanwhile, OUTside the Centrum, I've seen a total of 10 people gardening, sweeping, mowing, lawn watering, etc, etc.
And it seems like they keep coming in waves to clean the same areas...
It's crazy stuff!
But I guess that the big-wigs of SUU want everyone to know how beautiful our campus is when everyone is here for graduation today. And truly it IS really a beautiful campus.

Oh! Last night my sister, Stephanie, decided to throw a party at my parents' house...
30 people were there!
Ok, so to you big-party-throwers out there, that may not seem like a lot of people.
BUT if you've ever been to that house and/or you've ever been to one of MY parties, then you know this is a big deal!
This just shows how popular and fun my sister is because when you compare it to one of my parties (that HAVE been fun, but not AS fun as Steph's), you know her's knocked any of mine out of the park.
She had food and punch, she had some girl bring an air hockey table which they set up in the livingroom, we had a 12 person game of Apples-to-Apples going on in the kitchen, frisbee in the frontyard, croquet in the backyard, and wii competitions downstairs.
It was the bomb!
I will NEED to post pictures later because then you can see the greatness that it was.

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Melissa said...

gosh i wish i was at this party! yeah post pics