May 5, 2011

"You sound like Harry Potter!"

Ok, so I'm not vegan and NO, I never will be. Sorry but I like my meat too too much! BUT I found the cutest website today AND they actually do have some yummy looking recipes for being vegan, you know. Seriously though. Look at this! Cute huh?
Yummy huh? And aren't the pictures the absolute sweetest things you've ever seen? Well, just about now you are probably wondering, "Well, Liz! What is this website you found??" WELL, let me tell you and you can check it out even if you aren't vegan. I'm sure that you could substitute a lot of the stuff in the recipes for non-vegan food products too and be just peachy.

THE VEGAN STONER <--- check it out.

In other news, Dan and I went to see Arthur the other night for date night. It was so good! Super cute and it made me laugh (which is a major bonus)! In other words, We. Loved. It. :) So I definitely recommend you go see it. It has some grand quotes in it haha

Can you tell I'm excited?
Plus, also, I get to see my mom graduate from SUU this weekend. I'm SO super proud of my mom for finishing school and graduating with a bachelor's degree! She's my inspiration :) Way to go, Mom!


Kelcie said...

Yay for your mommy! Also, I'm curious about the title of your post. Haha!

Melissa said...

yeah haha whats with the title?? haha i have been thinking of giving mine random titles cuz I don't know what to call some.. and i check out that vegan site. that food looks way good! and thats coming from me (a super duper carnivore - i love my meat)

Liz Johnson said...

the title is a quote from the movie Arthur! GO SEE IT! :)