May 9, 2011

help me relive my weekend by reading this

As promised, these pictures are just a small portion of photos from my sister, Stephanie's, end-of-semester/no-reason party.
Yes, that IS a cheeto in that boy's mouth (I call him "that boy" because I think his name might be Jens but I could be wrong), not an orange.
Luckily, one of my best friends, Natalie, was able to come down a day early to graduation weekend and got to stay with Dan and me to party it up.
I can't believe that it was 4 years ago that we met.
Who knew we'd become life long friends??And because Stephanie has all these random friends/connections, she got this girl (I call her "this girl" because her name might be Brittany and it might not) to bring an air hockey table so we could have mad competitions of greatness.That girl on the left? Yeah, she's my cute sister AND the host of the party.
Apples to Apples with 12+ people makes for a way good time!
Don't cheeto-smile-guy from above, Anne Marie, and Dan look like they're having the time of their lives? (Well, ok, Dan doesn't so much BUT promise! He was!)
Croquet action shots were happening a lot in the backyard but this was the best one.

the highlight of the whole weekend was that MY MOM graduated from SUU!
I'm so proud of her! And what a great present for her to get on Mother's day weekend!
Lots of my other friends graduated too so it was fun to see that.So day 1 (friday) of graduation was Commencement. All the graduates walked down from the clock tower into the Centrum SO Dan and I waited to get pictures of my mom walking down.
It took a few tries to get a picture of Dan smiling with me...The graduates were led by the flag and bagpipers.
My dad got to walk with all the big-wigs of SUU and the speakers because he got to sit on stage as the staff association president.
Hey dad!
Then came my mom!
Isn't she cute?Then came Natalie!
Becca, Erin, and Letta met us at the Centrum after catching pics of my mom at the clock tower so I snapped a picture of them with Dan before we headed in to watch the commencement exercises.
After all the graduates paraded in and sat down, we found my mom.
Unfortunately she was too far away for me to snap a good photo so the arrow points to her general area...
Commencement as a whole was ok. The final speaker was BORING.So everyone was excited when it was over.
Becca and Grandma let me take their picture while we waited for my mom to meet us.
And Dan took a picture of me and Stephanie while we waited.
I love this picture!
Finally, mom met up with us and I took a quick picture of her and the sisters before Dan and I headed to Enoch to pick up Jeremy, Kaela, and Jack for our spur-of-the-moment-surprise trip to Payson.

Dan was a little sad that we wouldn't be able to visit his mom on mother's day so we took the opportunity of an empty Friday night to drive up to Payson and take her to dinner.
Luckily, Jeremy, Kaela, and Jack were able to come with us!Before heading out we all put on matching fake tatoos of the characters from Phineas and Ferb (a cute little Disney cartoon show we all like) and took pictures.Then we drove the 2.5 hours to Payson.
We got there a little later than planned (9:30pm) so we weren't able to surprise Candace due to the fact that she grew too suspiciuos and Steve had to tell her what was up.
She was still excited to see us and we were excited to see all of them so it was still a win.
We went to dinner at this wonderful little chinese place next to a Papa Murphy's Pizza and ate a WAY YUMMY dinner! Lucky for us, they let us in even though it was past closing time!
It was totally worth it.
We had fun talking and laughing and we left the next morning at 8am to be back for graduation and other things that Jeremy and Kaela had going on.
I loved seeing Dan's family!

When we returned on Saturday, we went to a yard sale with Jeremy and Kaela before we dropped them off.
I was so excited cause I got these 2 way awesome antique purple glass cups.
I'll have to post pics later of those.
Then Dan and I took an hour nap before heading over to day 2 of graduation (the actual ceremony where Mom got her diploma).There's my mom in line to get her diploma!
Yay Mom!
After the ceremony we took pictures with everyone.My Mom and Dad are the greatest!
Don't you love how excited my mom looks?
I love my family!

Saturday was a great day and ended with a great night.
Wouldn't you agree that 2 trips to the tiki shack for snow cones PLUS a family luncheon to celebrate my mom graduating PLUS swimming with Natalie, Marissa, and Megan at their hotel pool PLUS having pizza delivered from Pizza Hut to the hotel makes for a great way to end the day?
I would!

Sunday was great too.
Steph spoke in her singles ward for Mother's Day and for her first time writing her own talk, she did FABULOUS!
We also had our traditional family dinner at my family's house and celebrated Mother's day with my mom.
After dinner we watched 2 movies:
Both were SO good!

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yay! congrats for your mom!!!!! Also, love love LOVE the photo editing you did, like blurring everyone except your ma and the big arrow :)