May 3, 2011

scenes from weekends past.

See what I did there?
I (semi) changed that blog title so that it did NOT resemble practically EVERY blogger out there who posts "scenes from the weekend".
Mostly I just have LOTS of stuff to post (from weekends past) so I decided to jump on the train.
Kind of.
Except that I seem to always be copying other bloggers who I am secretly (or not so secretly) jealous of and making posts just like theirs.
And in the words of The Busy Bee and also, my cousin, Melissa, "It kind of makes me want to punch a baby! But not literally. If you thought literally, then I literally want punch you."

Anywho, here it is...

Scenes from weekend #1:

♥ Driving to Green River, WY with my good looking husband for Easter weekend/to help his family move to Payson, UT
♥ The old house in Green River
♥ The new house in Payson
♥ We did Easter Sunday/egg hunt activities at Dan's Aunt Anndrea's house. During the egg hunt, Jeremy threw a boiled egg at me and it broke on my arm so Dan's Aunt Stefanie broke one on Jeremy's head. haha She's great!

Scenes from weekend #2:

♥ Recycled Consign & Design is the cutest little shop in Cedar! I would LOVE to get some things from there to decorate my house with. Check it out.
♥ After taking Melissa to Sonny Boys BBQ for lunch we went to visit my family. They had fun jumping in the backyard with Mike.
♥ Me and Melissa taking a picture together. She came to stay with us this weekend and we had SO much fun!
♥ Dan holding the giant cupcake cake we made
♥ Stuffed animals for prizes at the carnival here in Cedar
♥ My sisters and Melissa posing for a picture at the carnival
♥ Dan and me on the Sizzler. Such a fun ride!
♥ Dan, Melissa, my sisters, my mom, and me at the Carnival
♥ Dan and me posing in front of the ticket booth
♥ Carnival
♥ Onion rings and hot chocolate at Denny's after the carnival

Why so many pictures from the carnival?
Well, 1 year ago I met this really amazing guy.
He took me to the carnival for our very first date.
We rode lots of rides and made ourselves completely sick.
But we had the BEST time together!
I am SO glad this guy asked me on that date and I'm even more glad that I'm married to him today!
Dan is my best friend and the most wonderful husband a girl could ask for :)
I love him with all my heart!

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Kaela said...

That's so cute! I thought of you guys when I saw the carnival was in town. I bet it wasn't the same without Jeremy and I. Especially because I was pregnant and the best cell phone and keys holder ever.