May 28, 2011

Current Events

Welp, the fam is currently headed to St. George and then Salt Lake tomorrow.
Am I insanely jealous?

What am I doing?
Blogging and watching Psych on Netflix while I hold a heat-bag on my belly.
Dumb cramps.

The hubby?
He's at SUU with Brandon doing construction measurement somethings or other for my Dad.
They (my Dad and Dan) have been doing major changes to my parents' backyard.
Currently the patio is ripped out and an awning of some sort is in the works to be constructed.
Hence the construction measurement somethings or other Dan is doing with Brandon.

Can I just say, that I can't believe that I now only have 2 sisters that are in the high school/middle school age bracket!?
Holy cow!
So proud of Becca for graduating last night!
I'm way excited that she gets to join Steph and me at SUU this fall.
Congrats, Bec!

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