May 27, 2011


This week I've decided that a lot of things are optional.
Today, that would be cleaning my house.

I decided to eat 3 (maybe 4) of the cookies I made yesterday, for breakfast today. And they were good. Krusteaz mix for chocolate chip cookies plus about 12 crushed up chocolate covered Oreos. YUM!
I decided to watch an episode of Psych season 3.
I decided to wake up at 9:15am.
I decided to curl my hair. Which was definitely a good decision since when the hubby saw me at lunch he said, "Babe, I really like your hair like that. It looks pretty."

Honestly, I would've liked the house to be clean, but I would rather it was done by finger-snapping magic than by me.

In other news, the weather was perfect yesterday.
Brandon and Krystel invited Dan and I to play frisbee golf with them on campus.
At the end of the game, everyone had scores in the 30-50 range and I, had a score in the 90's range. Lowest score wins. Just like golf.
BUT I count this as a major improvement of skills.
I would've surely got in the 100+ range if Dan hadn't taught me how to throw a frisbee.
Thanks babe!
haha it was lots of fun and nice to enjoy the sunshine!

And tonight, drum roll please....
My sister, Becca, will graduate from Cedar High School!
*crowd roars*
She's growing up.
Congrats, Bec!

Also, I like this song. Clearly, I posted it on my blog.

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The Jackson's said...

I LOVE your hair curled! Good choice not to clean the house and curl your hair instead! Also, CONGRATS TO BECCA (i call her lizette ;) I am excited to see pics...I am pretty sure you will be taking some?