June 1, 2011

How Much Is That Doggy In The Window?

Oh, life!
Lately so much has been packed into a couple days.
Mind you, it's been WONDERFUL but just almost too much to write about on the little bloggy.
BUT for you, I will try to fit it all without making you feel like your head is going to explode.

That reminds me!
Guess what rhymes with bloggy?

We got a doggy!
Meet, Roxy.Our newest little addition to the Johnson fam.
She's a Boxer AND by FAR, the cutest!
Am I right??
Of course I am!

It was one of those moments where you are leaving Wal-mart after birthday card shopping and you decide to look at the puppies being sold on the grass outside the place.
Then, while you're looking at them (and they just so happen to be the VERY kind of dog you've always wanted), you ask the man how much he's selling them for.
And that man says a price so low that you just can't possibly pass it up.
So then the heavens open up and the sun shines and the angels sing and you say, "Heck! Let's get one!"
And then you are handing the man your money and you are calling your friends to ask if you could keep the dog at their house because you are so in love with her now that you couldn't bear to part, even though you know you can't have pets at your apartment/preschool.
And then the friend who's with you and your hubby looking at dogs says, "Hey, I think we want one too. Let me call the fiance."
So he calls her up and she says "Yes!" and says, "Get one for my sister too!"
And then your hubs calls his brother and the brother says, "Hey! Buy us one too!"
And then you end up with 4 cuter-than-life Boxer pups in your vehicle.Lucky for us, we have awesome friends (Bryan and Mickel) who let us keep 2 of them at their house.
AND lucky for my sisters, Hughes and Roxy are living down the street.
Currently, these little pups are being very much taken care of by my sisters.

In other news, we've had 2 BBQ's this week.

BBQ#1: Memorial Day at Canyon Park.Good times with friends.Yummy burgers cooked by Dan.Carrots I dipped in caramel (YUM!).Volleyball.Dan almost drowning in Coal Creek--Yes, I did just say that. They (Bryan, Dan, and Brandon) were chasing the volleyball. Luckily he is still alive. That dang creek moves swift!

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