May 26, 2011

Awkward & Awesome

Welcome back to my life, Awkward & Awesome Thursdays.
Yes, I have missed you.
Not because of the "wonderful" awkward & awesome moments in my life, but because of the moments I get to read about on Sydney's blog, The Daybook.
Honestly, that girl is super cute and funny!
If you haven't read her blog, I think you should.
Cause you'll laugh your buns off. (not literally. no worries.)

So without further ado,

-Going to work with wet hair because I woke up late and I was in desperate need of a shower since yesterday I decided that showering was optional.
-Frantically running outside with my hair in a towel to drop off the trashcan on the curb just as the garbage man gets there to pick it up. (Phew! Made it!)
-Accidentally dropping my "little pink pill" in the toilet on my way to get a glass of water...good thing I had a couple extras...
-Dan reaching over and rubbing my booty in the night when I leaned off the bed to get a drink of water...while he was still asleep haha (or is that awesome?)
-Thinking the pizza I put in the oven was cooked all the way through only to find that the whole center is doughy
-The amount of dishes accumulating in our sink. You don't even want to know.
-Guys who tuck their t-shirts into their jeans when their jeans are pulled up past their bellybutton.

-The homeless/hippy looking man who occupies the corner by Ace Hardware. I expected to see him holding a sign that said, "Need food." or "Out of work." but instead his sign said, "Don't forget to smile!" It was great!
-It's going to be 70 degrees in Cedar today. (It's about stinkin' time!)
-Being able to stay in bed with Dan until almost 8am instead of the usual 6am.
-The game Boxers or Briefs. So funny!
-I just sold 2 tickets to the Utah Summer Games Opening Ceremony! This is a major accomplishment since they've been on sale now for almost a month and we haven't sold more than about 10 tickets...Come on, people!
-Watching 5 episodes of Prison Break with Dan last night, in our bed, while eating homemade pizza and Butterfinger ice cream. Oh yeah!


Candace Stevenson said...

haha I LOVE syd!! and homeless hippies=priceless :)

Lovely Little Rants

Nathan and Kristen said...

I love the homeless hippie smile man! I always flash him my biggest smile as we drive by. And we plan on buying some summer game tickets but we are kind of those last minute people. In fact my entire family plans on going they just procrastinate every year :)

Haley K said...

getting your buns rubbed (or sleep rubbed i guess. lol)...made me giggle ;)

doughy pizza...i've been there sister!

hippy guy with sign...really did make me smile :)

watching your favorite show and enjoying icecream with your sweetheart...YES!

loved this!! and i'm glad sydney's awkard and awesomes are back too :)