April 7, 2011


I'm pretty sure that bus #209 from Washington County School District is going to break down.The engine sounds like it's being revved up repeatedly while the kids are slowly trickling off but the bus driver was standing up and not sitting behind the wheel so we know it couldn't have been him revving it...
Freaky. Hopefully it will NOT break down but who ever knows?
What are all the buses doing at SUU anyway?
Kids are continually coming in the doors to the Centrum from various buses dressed in business attire.
Hmmm... it's a mystery!

NEWS FLASH: I have just introduced myself to this new band (maybe not that new but new to me so I use the word 'new') called Faded Paper Figures.
They have cool beats and stuff.
I think you should introduce yourself to them too
I Fell Off My Name is BY FAR their best song (except the youtube version sucks.)

So INSTEAD of listening to that lovely song, you should listen to this song by Jess Penner.

AND this song by Little and Ashley.

Also, in case anyone was wondering, I didn't get ready today AND I came to work in sweats and my Scary Kids Scaring Kids t-shirt (my lounge shirt, duh). Oh it feels good. haha I'm totally comfortable so today comfortable beats out cute.Although, SKSK is a good band so I feel ok supporting them by wearing their t-shirt.

AND last, but not least, Dan's brother Ryan is coming down to Cedar today to stay for awhile AND go to Brian Regan (read about it here and here) with us!! I'm super excited for Brian Regan and we're super excited to see Ryan!

Good weekend ahead, I can feel it. Happy Friday Eve (aka Thursday)!


Melissa said...

those songs are so cute! love them

The Jackson's said...

My nieces go to Tuachan, and they are at SUU for some choir thing. I hope that helps!