March 18, 2011


HEY YOU! Yes, you! You know you want to buy tickets to Brian Regan!

Come on people! I mean, he is THE Brian Regan. So funny, so great.

Tickets are only $32.50 if you are an SUU student OR $37.50 if you are not a student.

He will be here (the campus of SUU) on April 8, 2011 at 7:30pm and, believe me, it will be WELL worth your money.

So come on, call me up (435-586-7872) or come down to the box office and buy them there.

Otherwise, I might die of boredom! Exaggeration? Yes. But, still. I mean, look at what I've resorted to:
Now come on. You know you want to see him. LIVE. :)

In other news, yesterday I made this fabulous looking recipe for Grapefruit Honey Yogurt Scones...And I hated it. So did Collette. After trying them, she said, "Uhm, I think my tongue is going numb now." haha
I really think it was just the taste of the grapefruit in it. The grapefruit was SOUR and bitter and overall, the scones tasted WAY too citrus-y.
I was not a fan... maybe if I make them withOUT the grapefruit...
Hmm, next project I guess.

Happy Friday!


The Jackson's said...

Liz, Seriously! you crack me up every time I read your blog. Then I have to re-read it to Eric because he wants to know what is so funny! Thanks!!

Liz Johnson said...

haha I'm so glad you get a laugh from it. I crack myself up daily but I'm glad others think I'm funny too haha