April 1, 2011

Jack Attack!

The other day, my brother-in-law, Jeremy, came over to do some landscape business stuff with Dan and he brought little Jack over. Jack is the cutest kid ever AND in case anyone has any doubts, here are some pictures to prove it!PLUS, he calmly watches You've Got Mail with me and that definitely adds to his cute-ness.

Also, I must tell you all about my amazing husband. He is seriously the best, you guys. He's sweet, funny, strong, fun, kind, loving, perfect, AND he leaves me cute notes on my car while I'm at work. It's always fun when you go to your car after work and stuck in your windshield wipers is a fake parking ticket written out to you on one of his work papers. Seriously! haha I loved it :)OH! And yesterday, I found out the best news EVER! Cedar is getting a Krave Frozen Yogurt!! Yay! This is, for real, great news. I love that place!

P.S. I am OFFICIALLY a Johnson, as of yesterday, according to the Social Security office. I'm excited about it!

P.P.S. Happy April Fool's Day, everyone. Yeah, I have no clever pranks. Because I'm lame...OR nice, whichever way you want to take it :) So happy pranking!

Song for today: No Such Thing - John Mayer


Melissa said...

that parking ticket is so cute:) i love that!

Kelcie said...

HAHAH! We changed our names on the exact same day! Haha! What is up with us?!

Kaela said...

I gave Jack a haircut!! So now he's even cuter (I bet you doubt that's possible, but it is). He's lost his combover, but now you can see his face better.

Speaking of babies, did Dan tell you about the belated April Fools thing he and Jeremy did to their mom? I thought it was pretty funny. I'm excited for the next time I get pregnant because Candace won't believe it :)