March 29, 2011

Good, Good Night

Monday night activities for Dan and I included:

1. A run to Smith's to get soda for Dan and a Redbox movie...or two.

2. Making Chicken Pot Pie and devouring it while watching a freaky movie. & when I say freaky, I mean, REALLY freaky, scary.

3. Bryan showing up during dinner. We fed him and let him get freaked out with us :) Lucky kid.

4. Dan doing his paper work while I talked to Natalie on the phone. (I miss that girl!)

5. Watching The Tourist and me falling asleep in Dan's arms right before I saw the end of the movie.

It was a good night :)

Plans for tonight? Finish watching The Tourist and then... PICNIC!! Love the weather!

1 comment:

Melissa said...

what was this freaky movie???