April 2, 2011

Dance The Night Away

Yesterday was such a good day!
-I went to a bridal shower for Mickel (Bry's fiance) at her house with Bryan's mom and sister. We had such a fun time! They did the usual game with the questions Mickel had to answer about Bryan and for every answer she got wrong, she had to chew a piece of gum, then we played another game where we were all broken into groups of 2 or 3 and given a big bag of mini candybars to write a story about their first night together. It was a little funny writing this story with the mother of the groom and his sister but we got laughing so hard! I love them. Mickel got lots of fun stuff and the food was to die for!
-After the shower, they took me to my parents' house because Dan was already over there helping my dad try to fix their van (which blew a head gasket). By the time I got there, the door to my dad's tracker had fallen off as well. haha they had a whole ton of problems with cars yesterday.. BUT we had a BBQ with steaks, dutch oven potatoes, and grilled asparagus and then spent the rest of the night talking and laughing with my parents while my sisters were outside playing night games (YAY summer!!)
-After we left my parents' house, Dan and I went to a dance on campus with Steph and Mike. I had a blast! We talked with Melissa and Paul before going in and then we danced for awhile before going home. I love dancing with my husband :) Some of the music they played at the dance reminded me of that scene from the movie White Chicks where the guy is dancing with the whistle. haha such a funny movie!

-Today, we came over to my parents' house again to watch General Conference. We had breakfast and then listened to the talks. The talks this morning were all SO good. I love being a member of the church and being able to hear such wonderful messages. So far it's been a good day!

Elder Kent F. Richards and Elder Quentin L. Cook both had such amazing talks! Be sure to check both of those out when they come up online on lds.org

-Another bridal shower tonight....bring it on!

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Kaela said...

I totally knew that Bryan's fiance had a bridal shower. Want to know how I knew? Because we were looking at houses and June is our realtor. Good story huh