April 9, 2011


See the picture?
That's right, I'm holding a Chinchilla.
I secretly want one now.
They are the softEST animal I have ever held AND they don't have claws!

In other news, we went to Brian Regan last night at SUU.
It was so fun!
We laughed SO hard and it was fun to go with everyone.
Before the show Dan and I went to dinner with Bryan, Mickel, Steve, Becca, Travis, and his wife to Lupita's (best mexican restaurant in Cedar).
It was YUMMY!!
Then we met up with everyone else to see the show.
They had one comedian who performed right before Brian Regan came on and he was pretty funny too. It was a good night :)


Young People in Love said...

Send me an email and we can talk painting details :)


McKeli0 said...

I have to disagree; Casa de Don Miguels is the best mexican restaurant in Cedar!

Kaela said...

So Jeremy's family had a chinchilla but it died while we were living up there (Dan probably already told you that) Jeremy cried when it died. It was sad, and cute that my cute husband was so affected by it :)