March 10, 2011

Thursday goodness

-The amount of dirty dishes I have stacked on my counter
-My shirt gaping open up on the shoulder area, making my underclothing quite visible to those around me
-Shaving your armpits. Really, it's just weird... don't get me wrong, while I am definitely PRO-shaving your pits, I still think it's weird that we (women) have to do it
-School projects/group projects. Ok, so, this isn't really awkward just dumb. I have a negative attitude towards the things.
-Taking 3 hours to vacuum out my car cause of all the dirt/mud. Everyone who drove past my parents driveway got a 3 hour show of my bum cause I forgot to wear a belt...

-Having a wonderful husband who will hug, comfort, and reassure me when I'm having a complete meltdown over the 'stresses' that plague my mind during long days. I really don't know what I'd do without him-Going to SUU's Dancing with the Stars with Dan, Steph, Mike, Becca, and Steve. It was so fun! Lots of laughs, ooh's and awh's, and just an all around good time. I envy people who can dance...
-Spring Break is next week! I'm not doing anything exciting but just to have no class, will be excitement enough!
-I only have one class left this week
-The weather is SO nice today :)
-I'm wearing the scarf my Grandma Barclay knit for me. It's beautiful
-I gave some of the cookies I made to my mom and she shared some with her teacher she's student teaching with at the middle school (foods teacher) and they both LOVED them and want the recipe
-I finished book #2 of The Hunger Games series...onto the final book!

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The Jackson's said...

What kind of cookies did you make?? Maybe you should share the recipe with the world!(hint, hint)
I also LOVE your pets! Super Cute!