March 11, 2011

Stuff for a Friday

1. I got to work to find a poem written for me and my boss, Shon, by our lovely little workers, Kim and Joe. It was... well, you can decide what you think of it...

Liz you smell like fiz,
your hair can really frizz.
Sometimes you can really shizz,
in a bush you can wizz.
Shon is the big cheese,
so give him a real freeze.
If you freeze too long he will take away you keys,
so he can really cut the cheese.
After the cheese has been cut,
you will have to run to a hut
before you get in a rut
so you better not strut.
The box office is the hut
because Shon likes to strut
especially when he's in a rut.
The box office is fun
especially when we're done
So Liz can count the til
and really take her pill!

Yes, they are poetic geniuses...hmm

2. I'm taking a math test in about 45 minutes. After studying with Hailey in the ELC. Yeah, wish me luck!

3. Tonight Dan and I are going to Kayla Freire's wedding dinner! I'm excited! Tyson is super cute and nice and Kayla looks gorgeous in her wedding pics. Yay for marriage!

Aren't they gorgeous? (Yes, I stole this off kill me)

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