March 14, 2011

Sunday Dinner and a weekend recap

Do you all remember when I said I was going to Kayla's wedding dinner?
Yes, well, I went to that with Dan and we sat with Lily, Zach, Kim, Alisa, and April.
& while I was there I proceeded to:
-knock down an old woman with her food while getting drinks for my table (her food spilled all over the floor)
-check the folded paper napkins on the plates to see if they were sewed together when they meant the cloth napkins in the middle of the table were sewn
-laugh uncontrollably at something super dumb while the father of the bride was giving his speech
Yeah, my table thought I was funny. Mostly, I just felt stupid haha leave it to me...

On a brighter note, I was able to go with Dan after the dinner to Bryan's house so that Dan could help Bry give his dad a blessing for his health. It was amazing. The spirit in the room was so strong and you could feel the peace that was there. It is wonderful to be married to such a worthy, strong priesthood holder and to have friends who are worthy as well.

So yup, Saturday Dan and I slept in and then traveled to St. George to:
-do a session at the temple (so awesome-it was packed)
-look at trading Dan's truck in for another smaller truck
-get frozen yogurt at Krave ♥

THEN, we visited Erin and took her to Maggie Moo's for her 11th birthday! Yum! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, little sister!

Sunday involved:
-attending the rock church to see Amber and Dan's baby and Andy and Candace's babies be blessed
-luncheon for the blessing at Amber and Dan's house
-traditional Sunday dinner at my parents' house-cake and ice cream for Erin's birthday (mom and Bec made the cake-YUM!)

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