March 14, 2011

How to: Adding Pics to a Blog (for Melissa)

Step 1: On your dashboard click on the blue button labeled "NEW POST" under manage blogs

Step 2: Add a title to your post and type your message in the box. (I found it's easier to do this before you add the pictures)
Step 3: Click the button with the little landscape photo thing to begin adding your photos.
Step 4: A new window will pop up that allows you to add images from your computer. Click the button labeled "Browse" to begin adding photos. You can add one at a time so when you want to add more just click the blue link above the browse box that says "Add another image". You can only upload 5 photos at a time.
Step 5: When you click "Browse" it takes you to this files page (or something similar). Just click on the image you want to upload and then click "Open". It will then add your image to the box next to "Browse" and that is where you can click "Add another image" and repeat this step
Step 6: After you have uploaded your photos into the "Browse" boxes, you choose the layout of where you'd like your photos put on the blog. I like mine centered.
Step 7: After uploading the photos and choosing a layout, simply click on "UPLOAD IMAGE" and it will add your photos to the blog right above your text. Simply select the photos after that and drag them to where you'd like them within the text.
Step 8: Enjoy having photos on your posts :)

Hope that made sense! Loves!


Kelcie said...

Yours is a different format than mine. Or did they just change it?

Liz Johnson said...

yeah Melissa's is a different format too. It's weird! I don't like that other format...