March 27, 2011

Saturday is a special day

Saturday was so great!
We woke up at 11am.
We got ready to go.
We drove (in the snow) to St. George.
We met Jeremy, Kaela, Jack, and Tasha at the mall.
Jeremy and Dan went to do some landscaping thing for the landscaping business they are starting up and that left the ladies (plus little Jack) to some serious mall time.
Amos showed up half way through our mall a suit (that he stayed in for the whole day) haha yes, he was dressed like that for something more important than mall shopping.
BUT the best part of the mall time was when Dan got back from landscaping and we went in Buckle to look around.
I meant to try on just one shirt, but one of the workers there started acting like my own personal stylist!
She was picking things out for me and having me try them on AND she picked my sizes perfectly.
AND Dan let me try them all on and model them for him for as long as I wanted. AND at the end of all that, he bought me 2 shirts :) He's a sweetheart.
It was like heaven, I tell you!
I mean, isn't the worst part of shopping wandering around the store trying to find the perfect outfit? By the time you find one, you are just ready to go home.
Hence, why this kind of shopping was like heaven :) Now is where I act like a spokesperson for Buckle and give a shoutout-"SHOP BUCKLE!!"
After shopping, Dan and I went to eat at Chili's (yummy) and then got froyo for desert at Krave (ohhhh yeaaaahhh).
We had fun taking pictures in that place...and writing stuff on their dry erase wall.
Once done with our DELICIOUS froyo, we met up with Jeremy, Kaela, Tasha, and Amos at Fiesta Fun where we spent the night playing a few rounds of mini golf, playing on the arcades, and racing around in the go-karts. SO freakin' fun!To end the night we drove back to Cedar to hang with our friends, Carly, Joe, Amelia, and Marianne. We laughed and talked and had a way good time! Marianne is going on a mission on the 13th of April! She will do so amazing! Good luck, Marianne! I love ya! :)

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Kaela said...

Saturday IS a special day!

That was way fun. My little sister was looking at pictures from our outing on Facebook and she thought it was hilarious that Amos was standing next to you in that one picture instead of Dan.

We should have another fun outing like that, it basically rocked.