March 24, 2011


Lenka has a beautiful voice, just throwing that out there. You should listen to this song by Lenka. Cause it's good. The video reminds me of the game, Operation, only a slightly creepier version...

In other news, the weather sucks. Yesterday, sunny picnic weather. Today, snowy ice caps weather. It's a bummer. In fact, Dan and I DID picnic yesterday. At the canyon park on my SUU blanket with some KFC. It was yummy and fun. We talked and laughed and listened to this girl do a mini-weird-concert of singing for her very small group of friends. People do weird things in the park. haha but it makes for some good entertainment.

Other things that happened last night include me getting pulled into the shower with my clothes on (thanks, Dan) and watching a movie from 1998 (Practical Magic). Lovely. Sandra Bullock is a good actress. & I LOVE the house her aunts live in.AND I finished The Hunger Games Series. It was SO good! Read them if you haven't.


Melissa said...

I love that show Practical Magic! Taniah and I watched it one time. Sanda Bullock is one of my favorite actors. And yes, isn't that house so cute?

Kaela said...

Jeremy finished the first book and I just got Catching Fire on the Kindle for him to read next. I love those books! Horribly sad ending though. If so much good hadn't happened for everyone it would have all been for nothing.