March 1, 2011

Cell Phone Tuesdays

Ok. So. I was blogstalking Busy Bee Lauren today and her post gave me the great idea to "clean up" the pictures from my phone. I'm almost to 200 photos on that thing and that is just a lot of pics for one person to have on their phone. Am I right? SO... I've decided to share the love with all of you by creating "Cell Phone Tuesdays" and let you have a peek at some of the photos I have on my phone. Prepare for greatness.(Clockwise: Scrapbooking page I've done; Scrapbooking page I've done; Adelaide with a cap on at the pool; My new pink blowdryer)
(Clockwise: Ashley, Cricket, and Elisa swimming at team practice (from my coaching days); Olivia and Me at the pool; Olivia at the pool; Becca getting ready for Prom)
(Clockwise: Me wearing some fake glasses; Olivia and Gabby at the old pool; Adelaide, Me, and Elisa at the old Cedar swimming pool; Collette making crazy faces at Nielsen's Frozen Custard)
(Clockwise: Collette and Erin at Neilsen's Frozen Custard in St. George; Becca's state swimming medals-4th and 6th place; Snow outside my window at work; A cute Cat In The Hat cookie someone in my class made for author presentations)
(Clockwise: Me and Kim in St. George shopping; Kyle Korver (used to play for the Jazz) came to an SUU basketball game so Erin had him sign her ticket; Erin holding her ticket signed by Kyle Korver; Me sporting my new hat)
(Clockwise: My dad at an SUU football game; Me and Jess at an SUU football game; Me, Tambrea, and Natalie at an SUU volleyball game; The St. George LDS Temple)
(Clockwise: Rain outside my office window; Tambrea's first time donating blood; Me, Natalie, Chelsie, and Jess sporting Hannah Montana helmets at Wal-mart; Steph and Alex in Melissa's room)
(Clockwise: Me after getting my hair chopped off and dyed dark; Marissa and me in Claire's at the mall; Becca and me having fun; My Dad getting his hair cut by my mom--too bad he didn't keep the fohawk huh?)
(Clockwise: Manti Temple; Cameron in a bikini we found while working at the pool; Blake in a bikini we found while working at the pool; Summer Games Rodeo)
(Clockwise: Melissa and me making brownies; Me at work; Me taking weird pics of myself; Me holding Patrick's duck)
(Clockwise: Melissa holding Patrick's duck; The old Cedar swimming pool; Me and Collette at a Bee's baseball game; Bec and me at a Bee's baseball game)
(Clockwise: Natalie, Kate, and me showing our love to the statues of SUU; Rachelle and me watching a track meet; Natalie and me at a bonfire; Me and Steph having fun)

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Melissa said...

so that is like the funnest idea! i was just actually going through all of my camera pics cuz the last time i tried taking a pic of somehting i thought was so important it said "memory full" so i went in and started going thru all my pics. they are so weird and random. i loved it!