February 28, 2011

Over the weekend

Alrighty! So here is a little weekend re-cap.

Friday we drove down to Cane Beds, Arizona to see Dan's old mission companion, Shaun Cox, who just got home. Dan helped him pull an engine out of a car to put into a buggy while I read a book on my Kindle (which I love, btw) and then we met Shaun's family. On our way home, we stopped in Hurricane to eat at the JB's (SO good). It was a fun little vacation for Dan and me!

Saturday was Bryan's birthday so we decided to celebrate by taking a little trip up the mountain to Woods Ranch to play in the snow. We stayed for about 2 hours, sledding, snowboarding, and just playing in the snow and by the time we left it had snowed about 4 inches. Yeah, the snow really piled down that day. Besides the fact that Dan's truck's 4-wheel drive almost broke on the way down the mountain, we had a great time! We stopped at Denny's on the way home. I'm pretty much obsessed with their hot chocolate (I drank 4 cups) and Bryan got a FREE grand slam because it was his birthday.Other Saturday happenings:
-I was invited to 3 bridal showers! 3! Unfortunately I was only able to make it to one of them. Congrats to Kayla Freire, Elise Hunter, and Jen Haight! You girls will LOVE married life!
-Dan, Brandon, and I went to Carly and Joe's to play games with Kendra, Ty (Kendra's fiance), Amelia, and Marianne. We played MANY rounds of catch phrase because, duh, it was so fun! We were laughing our heads off!

Sunday we were supposed to go to Shaun's homecoming talk in Hurricane but couldn't make it because of all the snow. Dan and I needed a rest day so we stayed in bed most of the day watching movies and then Steph came to visit and we made some chocolate chip cookies (actually, Dan made chocolate chip cookies-he does a good job! YUM!). Sunday was a good day.

I really love Dan ♥ He makes me happy

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