March 3, 2011

Awkward and Awesome. Today.

-The ground is wet because it rained...but the sky is blue so uhm...what's up with that?
-Having a hard time with 5th grade math when you are in college. Raise your hand if that is you. (Yep, I'm raising mine)
-People in public bathrooms who walk in an out of every stall until they find the one they want to "go" in
-You know when you have to "pass gas" but you are in a public location so you just hold it in? Yeah well, it's awkward cause you feel like at any moment you might just let it go
-It's also awkward that I just posted that to all the bloggin world
-Having a Kindle and having EVERYONE ask you how you like it and what book you are reading
-Begging Marissa to take off her shoe in math class so I can see her stitches while the teacher and everyone else listens in and stares at me like I'm a loony
-The plig singing opera outside of the box office. Well, maybe she's not a plig. BUT she has a french-braid like one and a dress like one and shoes like one. I hope no one is offended by my use of the word 'plig'

-Dan left his breakfast home today so I dropped it off to him at work before I went to work. When I left, a guy he works with said, "Woah, your wife is hot!" It made me smile
-I'm wearing the primary colors today!

Blue sweater (Forever 21); Yellow striped shirt (Thrifted); Red leather bag (Roxy); Jeans (Silver Brand); Black Flats (Blowfish)

-I made ham and cheese crescents for lunch and they were yummy
-Dan came home for lunch and as he walked in the door he started humming a song loudly and then came over and hugged/danced with me while I made lunch and told me he loved me ♥
-I bought The Hunger Games series for my Kindle and started reading it last night FOR THE FIRST TIME (I know, I'm behind the times) and I'm already 15% into it. I honestly don't want to put it down for a second!
-Dan and I get to go watch Erin's very FIRST orchestra concert tonight. I'm so excited to see her play!
-Temple on Saturday!! (I just thought about it and I'm excited so it makes it on the awesome list)


The Jackson's said...

I LOVE Thursdays just because I get to read your blog! The whole Jackson Fam will be at the Temple because of Kaden! I will be looking for you even though we are doing an afternoon session!

Ramsey said...

Ok, so I am a stall checker. But only because I wouldn't want to be the one who walks out of a bathroom that won't flush. pee and tp in toilet=experiment in flushing failed. You never know if it's a personal problem or if the toileto wasn't suckingo.

Candace Stevenson said...

Dude I LOVE the Daybook! <3 ! I always check stalls to make sure they're not all filthy. bleh! hah

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