February 22, 2011

stuff you've missed

Mostly because of my slacker self not posting it but STILL you missed it.
SO here it is!

1. Sister night (last Thursday)
consisted of: cake making (disaster).
eating ice cream and the disaster cake.
playing Yahtzee.
taking loads of awesome photos.
make-shift karaoke (singing to Justin Bieber using youtube).
watching great youtube vids.
2. Adventures (Saturday)
consisted of: Dan and me going to breakfast at IHOP with Bryan and Mickel.
going 'snow driving' with Steve, Becca, Bryan, Mickel, and Wade.
Steve and Becca sliding 85 feet down a steep, snowy/muddy hill in Steve's Durango until finally stopping at the bottom of the hill right before dropping into a 10 foot deep ravine.
Dan and Wade pulling Steve out of that mess.
Me and Bec taking pics on my phone and playing the snow.
Going swimming at the new aquatic center with all the sisters and their boys.
Dying my mom's hair.
Kailey's 3rd birthday party with the whole fam at my Aunt Lori's house.
Dan and Steve going to get "mountain dew" with Lori resulting in a fence (I won't say where...) getting rammed into with Dan's truck after spinning brodies in a parking lot which resulted in a broken tail light on the truck.
Watching Unstoppable (SO GOOD) with Bryan and Mickel.

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Melissa said...

i would eat that cake. :)