February 21, 2011

Some things

Yesterday at church...
a girl was speaking with her hubby on temples. She started out her talk by introducing the couple and telling how they met. (Typical of newly marrieds or new families in the wards) Well, what was totally UNtypical was how she did it and it made me laugh. She said, "Well, we met at work. I was a secretary and he was a paper salesman. We flirted a lot but I was engaged so we were just friends. Then after being engaged for three years, I realized that it wasn't going anywhere so I broke it off and that's when we started dating. Then we got married at Niagra Falls and we are now expecting a baby...or maybe I just watch too much of The Office." hahaha and then she proceeded to tell how they really met and yadda yadda. But it was funny. I laughed. (I love The Office) The actual talks were really great too. Two talks on making it to the temple and one talk on making our homes "a heaven on earth." SO good, I tell you.

Yesterday was just an all around good day.
Things that made it good:
-Cuddling in bed with Dan before going to church. I love him :)
-Church. Sacrament was really good and the talks were really good. It made me want to go to the temple more with Dan (and also made me feel good about having AND KEEPING our goal of going to the temple once a month) and it made me want to do all I can to make my home "a heaven on earth" by things that I do as a wife and future (VERY future) mother.
-Making cookies and then taking naps on the couch before dinner.
-Going to dinner at my family's house. My Dad and Mom made Korean food! SOO freaking good!
-Watching youtube vids with the whole fam (plus Mike and Steve) after dinner.
-Having my Aunt Lori over to see our house. (She liked my cookies)
-Playing games at Jeremy and Kaela's house. We played some really fun games and I got to see my cutest (and only) nephew, Jack. He's seriously so cute! BUT the best part was that one of my oldest, good friends, Kelcie, and her new husband were in town and came to play games with us! I've known this girl since I was 3 years old and she was my best friend and neighbor. She moved when we were about 10 years old but we've just stayed in contact ever since! It was funny, we ended up getting engaged and then married right around the same times. Her husband is such a fun guy. How great to be able to spend time with them!
-Getting home and laying in bed with Dan just talking and laughing. He makes me laugh harder than anyone! Did I already mention how much I LOVE my husband??? He really is the greatest there is or ever was. How luck am I to have him? :)

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