December 21, 2010

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This weekend, my family, Dan, and I were able to travel up to Bountiful to visit my Grandma and attend our Barclay family Christmas party. It was a much needed break and a lot of fun! Probably the best part of the trip was just being with family and laughing together. Watching Uncle Jim teach Erin and Jeff to do Yoga was so funny (pictures to come). Also, HongKong language is hillariously fun to use. haha Dan taught it to us and we've been using it and laughing ever since! "I Longovongee Donganong" One day I will be as fast as Dan at using it! It did take us about 6 hours to get home yesterday though because of the large amounts of precipitation Utah had. I use the word "precipitation" because parts were rain, others were slush, and others were blizzards of snow. Yes, it was an adventure :)
Last night was wonderful too and completely a picture moment BUT, unfortunately, I didn't even think to bring or use my camera to document it. Dan and I did a date night thing at Dan's house (soon to be mine too!) and used the oven for the first time ever together! Using the oven also required us to go shopping at Wal-mart for everything because we have nothing. We got all the ingredients to make sugar cookies PLUS a mixing bowl and a cookie sheet. Shopping together was fun and coming home to make the cookies together while dancing to music in the kitchen with flour all over me and Dan was the best. We cooked the cookies (which turned out lovely, I must say) and then we iced them and sprinkled them with colorful sprinkles. THEN we ate them while drinking eggnog and we played Battleship and Mancala. It has been SO long since Dan and I have had an actual date night or time to ourselves just to have fun so the night was much needed. I love him so much and I can't wait to marry him! He makes everyday so wonderful :)
25 days left!!

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