December 22, 2010

hair, rain, and mud

So pretty much I tried to cut Dan's hair yesterday.
Just a little bit.
Like off his side burns and by his ear.
Did it look great?
Well, I wouldn't say that "great" is the best word to use...
Dan ended up having to trim it up himself and give himself slightly shorter side burns so that both sides matched up... oopsie!
haha But that's ok.
I promised him I wouldn't ever ask or try to cut his hair again and he said that I could after he taught me how and then he gave me a kiss.
Oh he's so understanding :) haha

Also, it's still raining.
This is day 3 of the rain
and it's supposed to keep on raining until Thursday.
I like it EXCEPT FOR
the fact that it's winter... and there should be snow
the fact that Christmas is on Saturday
the fact that it causes flooding in my basement by the windows
and flooding into my future house (24 days!!) by the door.
BUT other than that...
I like it.

Also, because of the rain, mud was created and I got to go with Bryan and Dan to watch Merrill and some other guys (and these two 15 year old girls in stilletto boots and tights) drive some junker cars around a mechanic place.
There was mud all over these cars!
And they were racing each other in the mud, which caused lots of collisions.
I didn't know we were going there so I wore flip flops.
Yeah, mud was all over my feet and bottoms of my pants when we left.
And it was cold.
Oh well, one more thing I can say I've done right?

P.S. who wears stilletto boots and tights to drive cars through the mud in a mechanic lot? I guess 15 year old girls do. My mother would've told me to wear clothes. Thanks, Mom, for having my best interests

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