October 30, 2010

Day 9- something you're proud of in the past few days

Ok, so firstly, Dan and I helped out with a scripture character scavenger hunt for the Willowwood Ward young men/young women on Tuesday night. I was hesitant about doing it at first because we had to dress up and sit in a public place haha ...BUT I thought that helping my mom was probably a good idea... and Dan was all for it so I thought I should be too. haha It actually ended up being way fun and the kids were able to guess who we were after some questioning and a few stories about our characters. Dan was Abinidi and I was Rebekah. AND we got pizza afterward at the church so it was good! :)

Our place was Little Caesar's Pizza. Other people from my family ward were in places like Lin's and the Dollar Store. What a fun activity!

Ok, so Day 9-
I'm proud of my sisters, Becca and Collette. They are so awesome! They had a swim meet yesterday at SUU against CV and 2 other teams. Collette is already doing so awesome and she's just a freshman! She's already close to beating my times from when I was a senior (how sad for me haha) and she's already beating a lot of the upper-grade girls on her team and other teams! Yay! Becca is doing so great! She placed first overall in the 100m backstroke and is a team captain. I love them for working so hard to get where they are today in their sports :)

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