October 31, 2010

Cedar Traditions

WEIRD Cedar Traditions.
haha I don't get the point of people lining the streets to watch some sheep walk... scratch that. STAMPEDE down Main Street.
'Sheep Parade'
It's weird.
AND guess who was one of those people? Yeah, you guessed it. Me. MOSTLY just because my mom dragged us all to watch because it's tradition (for one) and my Dad and sisters were in the bagpipe band leading the 'parade' BUT enough about that.
It's still weird.
And I HATE sheep. They creep me out.
My dad and sisters played so great AND I admit, I was maybe a little tiny bit enjoying the ride home because of the fact that:
-It's not every day that you get the chance to follow sheep down the street and watch the traffic pile up behind you-I made my sisters listen to opera full blast for about 7 minutes of the 20 minutes it took us to get from Bradshaw to my house (usually a 3.5 minute drive). They hated it haha-After turning off opera, we turned every song on the radio into a ballad about sheep
-I saw the sheep knock a guy over in the 'parade' which illustrates the fact that sheep can, indeed, STAMPLE people! I saw it with my own eyes!!

People turn everything into parades these days.


Nathan & Kristen said...

Haha! I have never heard of this tradition but thats pretty frickin funny! I love it! Good ol Cedar! And congrats on getting engaged! Marriage is the best! I just ran across your blog recently and love it!

Liz Barclay said...

Thank you! And I love your blog too!

Mary said...

is it sad that i lived in cedar for as long as i did and have NEVER heard of that before!

Mary said...

oh and congrats on the whole getting married thing too!

Liz Barclay said...

Mary, that is very sad. haha you aren't missing much...
And thanks! I'm excited!