September 13, 2010


"Looking back, I have this to regret, that too often when I wanted a cupcake, I did not have one" -David Grayson

Well, that man is exactly right. And seeing that I don't want to have to regret anything, we have decided to make cupcakes once a month!

Our first official cupcake night took place at my house last Tuesday. It was a definite success and definitely tasty! We started out making fish cupcakes, but people got bored of that and decided to branch out making their own. It was fun and we followed it up with a little jump-roping.

"I love you!"
Me and Amber
The fish cupcakes
Erika, Jen, Alisa, and Kim
Kendra, me, and Carly
Tambrea, Chelsie, and Anne Marie
Some of the girls made these for me
Bryan crashed our girls night cupcake party and smashed a cupcake in my face
Oh well, it tasted good :)
Natalie, Carly, Kendra, me, and Erin with our frosting 'staches
Made by Carly and Kendra
Me and Natalie
Tambrea jumping with Erin
Kendra jumping with Erin
Tambrea and me on the swings

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Melissa said...

that whole cupcake thing is so fun! i love the fish ones - so cute! and i love that quote. it could be about anything. so good!