September 8, 2010


Well, it's Fall. I know this because #1. it's getting so cold outside, #2. it smells like Fall (don't ask me what Fall smells like because I can't describe it but it does have a smell), and #3. the leaves have begun to change! I know! I was amazed! I mean, it's the first week of September for crying out loud!

Yellow leaves on Cedar Mountain
Collette and I saw that the leaves were changing on a 4-wheeler ride this weekend

In some ways I'm totally excited because I really love this time of year but in other ways I'm bummed. Warm Summer nights, please come back!!

This last weekend was tons of fun though. I always love long weekends...although, I feel like the 'long' part is never long enough. haha Friday after we were all done with school and work, we traveled up Cedar Mountain to stay at our wonderful cabin by Navajo Lake to spend the night. It was so fun. We played games, had a BBQ, and went to bed early (I loved that part).

Me and Erin
Me and my dad after dinner
Apparently I look pretty tasty to Becca

Steph didn't come up with us on Friday night because she had to work on Saturday morning but she came up on Saturday afternoon and brought Mike and Dan with her. When they got there, we rode 4-wheelers, ate food, and played games until all hours of the night. Mike and Dan went back down on Saturday night but we (including Steph) stayed up one last night. The only bad thing about doing that is that we had to be up by 6am so we could be back down the mountain and Dad could be showered and changed in time for his bishopric morning meetings.

Steph and Mike on our 4-wheel ride
Cool rocks Dan and I saw on the ride
The ride was so pretty
Dan and me on the ride
We found this cool old cabin so we stopped to use my 'photography skills'
The four of us in the old cabin [Dan, me, Mike, and Steph]
haha my dad in the background of this one!
Me and Dan goofing off waiting for dinner to be done
Becca tried to roast marshmallows while we were waiting for cobbler. It didn't work.
I love Dan so much!
haha my sisters are the bomb
Everyone with their yummy cobbler! [Mom, Dad, Erin, Becca, Collette, Mike, Steph, and Dan]

Sunday was a good day though too. We went to church and I got to lead the music in sacrament meeting for Stephanie because she was coughing. Then Dan and I went to a confirmation for Tracy's son, Trevor. He was so cute and excited to be a new member of the church! It was fun. Dan got to see some of his friends from when he lived in Cedar before the mission and we talked to Bryan's parents. It was great! After that Jeremy and Kaela invited us to come to Kaela's family lunch. That was lots of fun too. Their family takes turns every Sunday to have lunch at their house and everyone brings food and just has a good time. What a fun tradition! After dinner Dan and Jeremy had to go to work so I went home and Dan came to my house after he was done with work. It was a good night.

On Monday, we took a little trip over to Parowan for the Labor Day Parade to watch Collette play in the band. She plays the flute in the Cedar High Band and she looked and sounded so great marching! After the parade we headed back up to our cabin to spend the last day of our 'long' weekend. Steph didn't come with us because she was sick so it was just Mom, Dad, Bec, Erin, Collette, and me. We sure missed Steph but it was a fun time! I got much needed rest and one last 4-wheel ride. What a fun weekend!

Dad waiting for the parade to start
Mom waiting for the parade to start
Dan came with us and was blocking the sun for me in this picture. He's the best!
I saw the Warr's there! [Rickie and her mom]
There's Collette, marching with the band!
I also saw the Ball family riding in Larry's police car after the parade was ending. Logan is the little guy in the back seat. He's so cute! We have the same birthday and I've known him since he was way little so he always says hi to me. When he did that 'I love you' sign to me I said, "I love you, Logan!" and he yelled back, "I love you more!" haha it was so cool
Up at the cabin on a 4-wheel ride with my sisters. I made them stop to take pictures haha I took a ton more but I liked this one the best


The Jackson's said...

ok, the game is a Trivial Pursuit game. It is in an Orange box. Also, I LOVE your pictures! I miss your mom and sisters a lot! I also think it is funny that your dad is doing the peace sign while waiting for the parade! He cracks me up...even when I just think about him I laugh! Are you engaged???

Liz Barclay said...

Sweet! Thanks for letting me know. And I'm glad you love my pictures! I do too. They are fun haha I know my mom and sisters miss you too! My dad is always doing peace signs. Haha I swear sometimes he thinks he's a gangster of some sort. And no, I'm not engaged. But I'll be sure to let you know when I am!! :)

Kendra Haynie said...

Hi, my name is Kendra Haynie and I am officially beginning to blog stalk you as of now. Also, I totally understand the 'smell of fall!' I totally agree with you. I wish more people would understand! Another thing, you and Danny Johnson. SO CUTE! I love it. That's all. :)

Liz Barclay said...

Kendra! haha I love that you blog stalk me cause, well, I blog stalk you too :) You're so great!