September 17, 2010

Choir & Pumpkin Cheesecake

Last night, I had the opportunity (like I do every Thursday) to attend choir practice with Dan. It was a good time but I wish that Dan's grandma would've been there for me to sit by. She usually is, but she got in a minor car accident the other day and stayed home so I had to sit by this other lady in our area. I think her name is Meredith or Mary or something with an 'M'...anyway, I was telling Dan last night that she's sort of ornery but in a nice way. I know, I know, it didn't really make sense to him either. But I would explain it as she just acts like she's not in a very good mood all the time but she's still pretty nice. If that makes sense... haha Long story short, she's not my favorite choir-chair-area partner so I hope Dan's grandma can come back for next week!
On a brighter note, after we sang some really fun songs and had closing prayer, one of the men in the choir took a few moments to kind of bear his testimony of the gospel and to thank the choir members for being such good examples to him. I don't know him at all, but his comments really touched me and I was elated when he told the choir that he was planning to be baptized as a member of the church in October. He is probably about 75 years old or so, and was raised as a Catholic all his life so he said that the decision to be baptized was a hard one for him. But he said that as he studied the Book of Mormon and had the opportunity to discuss with missionaries and with friends he made from choir, he knew that the church was true and he needed to be baptized. It was so wonderful to see how happy he was and I was grateful that I was there to hear of his decision. Yes, choir was a really good time!
AND THEN, I went with Dan to pick up his new trailer. It's really nice. It looks good on his truck and I'm really excited for him to start up his courier business. He's been working hard to get it started and now that he has a trailer for it, he will be able to start soon. While he was hooking the trailer up to the truck I was playing with his phone and accidentally answered one of his phone calls (oops! haha). It was one of his old mission companions and he knew right who I was when I answered the phone! He's a really nice and funny guy so we had a good little chat until Dan could come to the phone.
After we picked up the trailer, Dan took me out to dinner at Olive Garden. The food was WAY good and I loved being there with Dan. We had pasta and talked and he even talked me into getting dessert; pumpkin cheesecake that we shared (It was to die for!). After dinner, Dan took me back to my car and then followed me home to Cedar. The night was just fantastic and I am beginning to love my Thursday nights with Dan! I'm so happy to have him in my life. He truly is amazing :)

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