September 20, 2010

Balloons & Volleyball

This weekend was the annual Cedar City Sky Fest which means another year of watching those beautiful hot air balloons float through the Cedar City September sky. It's turned into quite a tradition at my house to wake up early on Saturday morning to "chase" the balloons and then have breakfast with the family. This year we just went with my mom because my dad had to help with a GPS course for the Boy Scouts of America but it was still a good time. I love to watch the balloons and see how excited everyone is to have them floating above us. Fall in Cedar could NOT happen without the sky fest!

Balloons floating to the south of my house
Becca, looking tired. We got up to go see them at 7am...on a Saturday, so I don't blame her haha
Balloons to the south of my house
Erin was excited that these guys waved at her
Balloon on Northfield Road
Balloons landed near Northfield Road
Balloons by the hospital
Across the street from our house
So pretty!
This one was right above us so we could see the flames
Balloons above the Perkins' house
Balloons by CVMS
Balloons headed over I-15
Right above us!
Balloons in Enoch
The sun was coming up while we were out so I captured it just above this sunflower field. So pretty! I love "sun shots"!
Balloons with the view of Cedar City
Balloons in the sun
Balloons in the sun
I saw this one a lot. Love it!
Balloons over the excavating site
Steph and Collette waiting for breakfast and watching the balloons

In other news, I was in charge (the boss!) for ticketing the SUU vs. Oral Roberts volleyball game on Saturday night. AND I must say that for my first time being in charge and completely on my own without Shon, I did pretty dang good. I worked with McCall and Joe and we had a good time and the night ran so smooth! I was VERY pleased! AND we won the game! Yay! GO T-BIRDS!! Sadly, we lost the football game against San Jose State but we'll just have to beat Texas State this weekend to make up for it haha

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Kelcie said...

Dear Liz,
Seeing the pictures of the neighborhood kinda made me sad. Could you take a picture of my house and maybe our special spots and send them to me or something? If you have time. Thanks!