July 26, 2010

Best Week!

This week was seriously the best ever and I'm SO sad that it had to end!
We spent Monday in Spanish Fork, Tuesday in Heber, Wednesday to Friday in Green River, and Friday to Sunday in Salt Lake and Bountiful. It was so much fun! Pictures will help explain all that we did (even though I have to start with Heber because I put the pictures on in the wrong order...)--
When we first got to Heber we picked up Nat and Marissa and headed to our cabin in Midway to have lunch with my Grandma Barclay and my sisters. These are typical faces for Natalie and me haha
Erin wanted to go on a walk by the cabin so this is all of us on the walk

Natalie and Marissa walking up the trail
Erin found these huge things on the side of the trail and this picture turned out so cool!
I loved these flowers
As you can tell...haha
We love flowers
After lunch we went back to Natalie's house and we played with their new dog before dinner. Her name is Nala and she's the cutest ever!
After dinner, we decided to go get shakes at the Dairy Keen in Heber
Marissa, me, Natalie, Trevor, and Steph at the Dairy Keen
This picture is just too funny haha
We have so much fun together
Wednesday morning we went to Park City to do a little shopping and we found these random glasses in Claire's haha so funny

Shopping in Park City
On Monday, we went to the University Mall with Melissa to do a little shopping and in Forever 21 we found some of the funniest mannequins. This one had a huge butt!
Steph, me, and Melissa in Forever 21
Can you spot the mannequins here?
After we got back from shopping, we went with the whole Henrie family to a flag burning ceremony in Spanish Fork. It was a really neat experience! Nick and Melissa were so fun to sit by!
Alex, Lisa, and Todd at the flag burning ceremony. Love them!
Me and Meliss

Steph, Nick, and me
The flag burning ceremony. They burned 2 huge flags and about 200 of the regular sized flags to retire them honorably
Flag burning ceremony
When we got back from the ceremony, we ate dinner and then I dyed Melissa's hair dark brown! It turned out so cute!
This is the town of Green River, WY. Our first time here, we've got to get a picture, right?
When we got to Green River on Wednesday, we went to a movie and had dinner at a place called Penny's Diner after I met Dan's brothers and sister. They were all so fun and we had a good night. On Thursday, we got up and went to the river with Dan and his little brother, Caleb. There is a park right by the river and this is when we buried Caleb in the little rubber pieces haha all you can see is his face!
Caleb getting unburied

But then we reburied him up to his neck. He thought it was so funny haha
So then we were laying in the grass
And Caleb started throwing it on us.
After we got back from the park, we went to Rock Springs to eat Sushi for Jeremy's birthday with Jeremy, Ryan, Amos (Ryan's friend), Dan, and Caleb. It was so good! Then we went on an off-roading adventure in my Jimmy to go swim in Flaming Gorge. It was so fun and definitely an ADVENTURE! Jimmy is pro! haha Then we came back, ate pizza, watched a few movies, and went to bed. I love Dan's family so much!
Friday, Dan, Christina, Stephanie, and I traveled to Bountiful to meet up with my family and watch my Dad and sisters march in the Bountiful parade. We dropped all the marchers off at the beginning of the parade and then sat by my grandma, Mary Ann, and my Mom at the end of the parade while Stephanie went to look at all the activities with Christina.
Christina and Steph at the parade
Me and Dan at the parade haha
He makes me smile :)
Utah Pipe Band in the Bountiful parade
Becca, Erin, and Collette marching in the Bountiful parade
John, Jeff, and my dad playing in the parade
Collette, Erin, and Becca in their kilts after the Bountiful parade
Dad after the Bountiful parade
After the parade, we took Christina to Highland where she was staying with Dan's grandparents and we talked to them for a while. His grandparents are so nice. It was fun!
Saturday morning we went to the Days of 47 Parade in SLC. As with the Bountiful parade, we dropped off the marchers and headed to the end of the parade. So while we waited, I took pictures haha This is Dan and Erin
Pretty sure we make some of the best faces ever
Steph, Mom, and Grandma at the parade
Utah Pipe Band in the Days of 47 Parade
Utah Pipe Band in the Days of 47 Parade
Bec, me, and Collette after the parade
After the parade, my sisters went to Lagoon with Jeff so my parents and Dan and I went to eat lunch at a Korean restaurant. It was so yummy! AND it was Dan's first time eating Korean. I think he liked it...haha but after lunch everyone went to take a nap so Dan and I went to temple square and checked out the visitors' centers and the temple grounds and then we took a tour of the conference center because Dan had never been before. It was a really wonderful day :)
This is a view of the temple from the conference center roof
Me and Dan on the roof of the conference center. One of my favorites!
When we got back to Bountiful, we got frozen custard at Nelson's Frozen Custard (Best place there is!) and then met up with my family and Jeff at Grandma's to play Nerts! Dan and I basically kicked everyone's butts! Jeff didn't really enjoy the game...haha
The rest of Saturday included more Nerts tournaments and watching a movie. Sunday we all got up for church and then came back to eat lunch before heading back to Wyoming to take Dan home before going home ourselves. This is me and Bec in the car on the way home.
I got bored on the car ride home, so pictures of me were a must haha

This trip was the best ever! I loved seeing my cousins, friends, and Dan and I loved meeting and spending time with Dan's family! It was so much fun!
Best week ever! The only bad part is that now that I'm home, I'm missing Dan more than ever!!
BUT good news: Dan is moving to Cedar within a month! I am beyond excited!! :) :)

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