June 27, 2010

Hot Air Balloons

Saturday my family and I went over to Panguitch for their annual balloon festival. It was a lot of fun! Enjoy the pictures!

Collette and meThese things were all down the street so we took some pictures with our faces in them. So funny! This is Becca.ColletteMeErinThe Pink Panther Diamond! hahaSteph, Collette, Erin, and Becca with John WayneSteph kissing the Indian man and Erin being afraid of him hahaHolding my other boyfriend's hand haha isn't he cute?My mom and me watching the balloons get set upSetting up one of the balloons in the streetBalloon going upMore balloonsThey are all so cool lookingPretty when they're all lit up at nightThe fire that makes them go upBecca and me watchingMe and my dadBecca, me, and Dad

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