July 6, 2010

On the mountain

After going to one of the best days at church, my family and I headed to our cabin by Navajo Lake to celebrate Independence Day weekend. It was such a good time and I wish that it never would've had to end!
Sunday, we got to the cabin around 6pm and after unloading all our junk from the van, we ate dinner and played some games. I usually hate playing Solitaire Frenzy (or Nerts) but after playing it about 90-bazillion times with the family, it started to grow on me and now I love it, despite the fact that I am the worst in my family. It really is a fun game and we really got some heated games going! It was intense!

Collette, Mom, and Erin playing games
Dad shuffling his cards and laughing
Bec and I played on a team and totally kicked butt!

When games were finished, we roasted the biggest marshmallows in the world over the campfire outside (seriously, one of these marshmallows was the equivalent of four of the regular sized marshmallows you usually roast and it was IMPOSSIBLE to fit the entire thing in your mouth at one time).

Collette took a picture of my legs but yes, I did wear pj's to roast marshmallows in
Dad and Becca by the fire
They used this wheelbarrow to carry the wood over to the fire but Becca and Collette ended up dancing with it haha
Mom getting ready to roast the giant marshmallows

Becca roasting the marshmallows
Me and Bec roasting marshmallows
Size comparison of a regular marshmallow and the giant one
I had to eat it one half at a time haha
There was no way it would fit in my mouth

Then headed inside where we settled down on the couches and chairs to watch Ferris Buehler's Day Off and The Proposal before heading upstairs to bed for the night.

We make beautiful faces

On Monday, we woke up around 10am and ate breakfast. It was yummy! Omelets in a bag (best and totally creative), bacon, and toast with strawberry jam. Omelets in a bag are the easiest way to make omelets and very good. All you need is a quart size ziplock bag, 1-2 eggs, and whatever you usually put in your omelets then you boil water, seal the bags after squishing the eggs and your ingredients together and releasing all the air, and place them in the boiling water for about 10 minutes or until the egg is cooked. Then just take out the egg and sprinkle on some cheese and you have omelets from a bag. Yum! Anyway, after breakfast, Mom, Dad, Erin, and I went on a 3 hour four wheeler ride over toward Webster's Flat. It was gorgeous and since I rode with my mom, we had a good chat. It was a lot of fun.

Mom and me on the four wheeler
We saw cows on the ride. I hate cows!
Dad and Erin on the four wheeler
The ride was so beautiful

When we got back, we played games while Erin went again with the girls and then my grandparents got there and we ate some lunch. When lunch was through, we put on our swim suits and we all drove down to Navajo Lake to swim. The water was totally freezing but so fun! We got laughing so hard and, of course, we took tons of pictures.

Erin, Collette, Steph, Becca, and me going in the lake
Me standing in the lake
It was SO cold!
And we all made it in
When my legs were finally numb, I decided to dunk my body. Bad decision.
Steph and Collette dunked their heads under!
When I got out, I found this nasty fish head on the shore. Yuck!
Going to splash Becca
And they got her!
Dad taking pictures by the lake
Becca, Steph, and Collette trying to warm up
Erin, Collette, and Steph
Collette, Steph, and me
We had such a fun time!

When we got back to the cabin, I took a nap (so needed! I was exhausted) and then we ate dinner and Steph and I headed home with Grandma and Grandpa while the rest of the family stayed over for one more night.
This weekend was a blast and my family is the best! The only thing that would've made it a better weekend would be if I got to see Dan. 2 weeks can't come fast enough!

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